If you are traveling on a budget to America, heading to larger hub cities can sometimes save you tons of cash. Here are our top five places in the United States to travel to this year:

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most touristed cities in the United States. A visit to Vegas can be cheap, specially if you plan on staying at one of their casinos. With deals and discounts occurring regularly at many venues, you can enjoy a luxury stay along the Las Vegas strip for less than you think. The name of the game is just that, Gaming! Join the casino’s players club and reap the rewards. It’s also worth noting that on your first trip to Vegas it’s advisable to do some hopping from casino to casino, joining clubs along the way. Just about every casino will give you some incentives for joining. These could be drinks, cheap buffets or even a shiny deck of cards!  And don’t forget, the town has no shortage of  world class entertainment, buffets, and spectacular nightlife.

New York City

The city so nice, they named it twice (New York, New York)! No list of US travel destinations would be complete without including New York. With a limitless number of attractions there’s always something going on in the Big Apple. Where you are interested in seeing a Broadway show, hang out in Times Square, or enjoy luxury shopping, this is the place to be.


Chicago has earned a great reputation for being a friendly, fun place to visit. Whether you are catching a game at Wrigley Field or checking out the beautiful waterfront, Chicago is a city that’s filled with culture. Millennium Park and the Buckingham fountain offer excellent photo opportunities and the architecture and live music scene here is astounding.


Portland is an emerging travel destination in the United States and once you visit Portland, it’s kinda hard to leave. Everyone in the city’s extremely welcoming and there is an extremely upbeat nightlife with plenty of venues to check out. Borrowing the “Keep Austin Weird” motto seems to be Portland’s M.O.  If you are looking for a very hip city with lots of pop up concerts, craft distilleries/breweries and unique parks to explore, then Portland is for you!

San Francisco

The city on the Bay is one of the most unique places in the United States. With its close access to wineries, its amazing tech industry and some great Art Deco architecture, San Francisco leaves an impression on everyone that visits. If you want a New York experience with a California vibe, then ‘Frisco is your place! Tons of museums and Pier 39 will keep you busy for several days or more.

So there you have it, our top American cities to visit in 2018!

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